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1. Landing Page




Expand here for a quick view of spread/total inputs (other 2 columns will be removed). Inputs here originate from aggregated market data.  These are just inputs, Banach model derives all core markets from these inputs.  We continue to listen to market data throughout the lifecycle of the fixture (prematch and inplay).  If the market average differs from our inputs by a certain amount, these inputs will automatically changes. Manual inputs can be entered here if desired.  Update line from dropdown, enter new prices and press Update (this generally should not be necessary with market updates on)


Click here to view the main pre-match or inplay screens, as well as Monitor/Config screens

2. Pre-Match


Inputs the model is using.  Can be changed (remember to re-enter prices after changing line, then press Update)

Player Markets Pricing

A quick explainer for how player pricing works

  • Snap %s affect all player pricing

  • TD Scorer price changes affect Yards & Attempts/Receptions markets

  • Player Yards price changes affect Attempts/Receptions markets










Player pricing is based on the expected number of snaps each player will be involved in. These expectations are set by the model based on historical player data

1. Fixture

Every offensive player from each team is listed here.  ‘Active’ players have the fixture button checked.  At least 1 player from each position from each team must be selected for player markets to price.  We update our squads weekly based on Betradar’s data. Worth noting that we do not get injury information pre-match from the feed so these situations need to be handled manually.

2. Snap Model%

Player markets are priced based on the expected number of offensive snaps a player is involved in.  The model will calculate this automatically but it can be adjusted by traders


3. Snap Trader%

Changing the Snap % of 1 player will affect the Snap %s of other players in the same position (e.g. if there are 2 active RBs at 50/50, changing 1 to 60% should change the other to 40%).  

4. Model Redistribution

Ticking the model redistribution box means that the model will automatically add/take away %s to affected players when traders change a player (NOTE: only 1 change can be made at a time).  Example below.  Once the snap % of a player has been manually changed, it will remain static until manually changed again (i.e. redistribution will have no affect)


Unticking this box allows the traders to choose the players they want to redistribute the %s amongst, the model will then do so proportionally (Figs 1, 2 & 3 below, increasing Hardman’s %).  To follow, we will have an option to not redistribute a change in snaps at all (in the meantime, to achieve this just select an inactive player from the dropdown below) 


Individual player props prices can be manually adjusted without affecting other players, more on this later.  However, changing the snap % is a more ‘complete’ way to adjust prices (e.g. if a players Receiving Yards is out, it may be that his Receptions is out also so changing the snap % should change both)

4. Save

Save the last change/update​

5. Undo

Undo the last change/update

Some scenarios that might help:

(a)    QB is ruled out of next game before we get an injury update

        Simply untick the player from ‘fixture’ and move his Snap% to 0 while doing the opposite for the incoming player

(b)   RB’s line too low for Rushing Yards

       Increase his Snap% (this should decrease lines for other RBs)

(c)   I want to increase one Running Back’s Snap % without affecting the other active Running Back.

Untick Model Redistribution and choose any inactive player. 

Anytime TD Scorer


List of active relevant players for TD scoring.  Prices can be changed which will affect all TD markets.  If the trader is happy with a player’s snap % but still wants to change his Touchdown price, can do so by simply typing in the target price and pressing update. Pricing Feed button will move to ‘Off’ to indicate that a manual change has been made.  Note that the price returned will not match exactly the input price due to simulation variance (differences will be negligible)

TD markets are enabled at fixture creation but activated an agreed time before kick-off (there will be a button in Dolly soon allowing the user to manually activate/suspend TD markets)



By default we template the follower players for props

Rushing Yards - 1 QB, 2 RB
Carries - 1 QB, 2 RB
Receiving Yards - 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE
Receptions - 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE
Scrimmage Yards - 1 RB, 2 WR

Sometimes more than this will be templated e.g. if the line of 1 player dropped significantly enough for the next player in that position to have a higher line


Players can be suspended easily by unticking the box (and can be added back in)

Much like TD scorers, props lines/prices can be altered manually.  Enter a line, price or both and press update

Props markets are enabled at fixture creation but activated an agreed time before kick-off (there will be a button in Dolly soon allowing the user to manually activate suspend props/markets)

3. In-Play


Games will go inplay automatically.  Click the inplay button on the landing page to access the trading screen







Current Down/Yard information


To suspend/activate the fixture


Match incidents from the Betradar feed


Total/Spread prices nudged inplay rather than entering prices as in pre-match.  As with props, keep it to a maximum of 5 nudges at a time

Snap %s, Anytime TD prices and props pricing/suspension can be amended in the same way as pre-match

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