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Banach Technology was inspired by Stefan Banach, a Polish Mathematician who was the founder of modern Functional Analysis. The concepts of measure, integration and probability from this field form the core of what we do in the area of understanding and pricing sports outcomes.

We have extensive cross functional experience in the Gaming and Betting industry which includes – Mathematics, Analysis, Technology, Design and Development.

Our core senior management team, worked together for over 10 years in Paddy Power, and were a key component to the success of the company – We’re the best in the business.

Key clients include the Ladbrokes Coral Group, amongst others, and we are actively adding more.             


The Person

We are looking for someone with an analytical mind and a strong ability in applied mathematics. To qualify, a candidate needs substantial experience in quantitative work and/or excellent academic results in a quantitative degree.


Additionally, the successful candidate will need to show an exceptional aptitude for statistical reasoning and modelling, and have an inquisitive, curious and conceptual thinking style.


The Role

For the initial period of time, you will need to get up to speed with the modelling techniques and the software being used. This may prove challenging, but as a reward you will be able to work on high-complexity and high-value generating projects.


More often than not, the work you will do will be unprecedented. For that reason, you will need to show a deep understanding of the underlying business issues and the mathematical tools you will put in place to resolve it.


You should expect to work mainly on sports related projects. However, it will not be exclusive as the skills you learn will be highly transferable.


We will expect a good work ethic and a powerful drive to complete projects in a timely and accurate manner. On the flip side, you will be given a lot of liberties regarding how you organise your work.


Key Skills/Qualifications

We are looking for:

·         Evidence of an outstanding aptitude for quantitative work.

·         A minimum of a second class honours degree from a numerate discipline e.g. Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Physics, Engineering etc.

·         Programming skills are welcome but not necessary as they can be learned once on the job.


How to apply:

Send your CV to:

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