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Come Work With Us

We’re always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic people to join Banach If that’s you, drop us an email at Please note, we consider all applications but we may not be able to reply to each individual one.


Quantitative Analyst

We are looking for someone with an analytical mind and a strong ability in applied mathematics. To qualify, a candidate needs substantial experience in quantitative work and/or excellent academic results in a quantitative degree.


Additionally, the successful candidate will need to show an exceptional aptitude for statistical reasoning and modelling, and have an inquisitive, curious and conceptual thinking style...

Cloud Performance Engineer

The industry that we operate demands low latency and high throughput systems and this is the overriding remit of the platform team. All systems must guarantee certain performance levels and, as such, the infrastructure utilised is critical to achieving SLAs.


As a Cloud performance engineer on the Platform team you will be tasked with building and maintaining the infrastructure that our business is hosted on. Currently we run solely on Microsoft Azure and use a mixture of IaaS and PaaS offerings, but there is scope to change this in the future. We try to automate any process that will be repeated and this expectation is carried through to any cloud Infrastructure/Services that we consume...

Software Engineer - Product

As a Software Engineer on the Product team you will be tasked with delivering new Sports and Betting content to new and existing clients. You will be working within a team entrenched in the fast paced environment that industry is known for and you will be expected to hit the ground running.


Within the Product team you will be working on a varied problem set including, but not limited to

  • Processing real-time data to drive our decision making algorithms

  • Implementing Sports specific algorithms and services to facilitate innovative and new gaming concepts

  • Integrating with client backend systems

  • Developing responsive UIs for internal and external use...

Software Engineer - Platform

As a software engineer on the Platform team you will be tasked with streamlining the software development process of the business. This role is all about enablement and requires an excellent understanding of the SDLC. It will involve everything from building core infrastructure services and APIs to writing PowerShell scripts to automate those manual jobs which have always been a pain! Essentially, your job is to help ensure the entire development process is working as efficiently as possible.


Within the Platform team you will be working on a varied problem set including, but not limited to...

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