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The Banach Story

At Banach, we are committed to delivering a world class sports betting product. Support of our partners is underpinned by development of industry leading models, with cutting edge technology that allows our partners autonomy over their own trading where required.

Through the provision of innovative sports betting product, we have a long track record of driving growth in the industry’s most competitive markets. Our mission is to be the pre-eminent supplier of quantitative driven product within the sports betting industry.

Our Belief

We provide easy to use and integrate betting products - so your teams can focus on creating an optimal customer experience.

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Our Founding

Banach was founded by Rob Reck, Mark Hughes, Alex Zevenbergen and Hadrien Lepretre, all of whom played a huge part in establishing the Quants division of Paddy Power. After many years of success here they decided that it was time to strike out on their own and share their expertise by providing some of the best sports models available to the industry.

Having initially consulted on model development for large operators to raise start-up funds, Banach now has a portfolio of proprietary models supporting complex betting product across multiple sports with a choice of integration options and trader tools. 

Backed by Industry Experts

Our first funding round was “significantly oversubscribed,” thanks to the generous backers who decided to invest in the company some of whom are among the biggest names in betting. This funding has not only allowed Banach to grow, but has added an extensive industry know-how and network to the boardroom.


The Future

With the demand for Banach’s products reaching new heights the future is looking very bright for us. Our business model is to work collaboratively with sports betting operators across various global jurisdictions. Our flexible integration options offer either a fully managed trading solution or plug-and-play version of our product. Our aim is to combine our best-in-class modelling expertise and technology with trading knowledge and industry information to provide a world-class sports betting product.


Where Does The Name Banach Come From? 

I was inspired to name the company after Stefan Banach who was a Polish mathematician and is generally considered one of the world's most important and influential 20th-century mathematicians. He was the founder of modern functional analysis, and an original member of the Lwów School of Mathematics. 


Rob Reck



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